Make a difference!


There are myriad ways to support both your local Community Council and the neighborhood of Victory Heights. Consider the following opportunities, and contact with your interests


Attend events in Victory Heights, such as celebrations, virtual community gatherings, conservation and beautification volunteer sessions, and more. Subscribe to the Community Council’s email list and join the Facebook group to learn more about upcoming opportunities. 


The Victory Heights Community Council is an entirely volunteer-led organization. As we are neither a formal 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4), nor do we collect dues or charge membership fees, we do not have any form of income, and therefore solely rely on donations. Historically, Council expenses have most often come out of the generous pockets of our Board members and donors.

      • Below is a list of our annual expenses, as well as “blue sky” opportunities we’d love to provide to the community, were we to have more resources. If you feel so motivated as to donate, please feel free to choose from the most convenient option for you:
        • Click here to donate online;
        • You can mail a check or cash to: 1546 NE 102nd St.  Seattle, WA  98125. (Please address all checks to “Victory Heights Community Council.”
        • Look for a welcome table at any one of our monthly community events to donate in person.

List of Current Annual Expenses:

        • Event Supplies (food, drink, cutlery, plates/bowls/napkins, etc.) 
        • Summer rental of Sanican at Playground
        • Emergency HUB Maintenance
        • Pet Waste bags for Playground 
        • Promotional flyers 
        • Flyers for the Community Message Board
        • Zoom account for monthly meetings during COVID
        • Blog Hosting
        • Website Hostin
        • Transfer station deposits after invasive species removal

List of “Blue Sky” Opportunities

      • Liability Insurance: With liability insurance, Victory Heights would have the ability to put on much larger events, such as carnivals, farmer’s markets, art fairs, and more.
      • VHCC Yard Signs: Update dated signage with more and better information;
      • Volunteers: Refreshments and thank-you items;
      • New Plants: The ability to buy new native plantings for shared green spaces;
      • Welcome Wagon Booklets: We would love the opportunity to update our very dated physical welcome packets for new neighbors;
      • Traffic Calming: A very large, multi-year project, the Council and residents would like to fund traffic calming efforts throughout the neighborhood, which approaches a six-figure price-tag.
      • New Picnic Tables at the Playground
      • Beautification of traffic circles
      • A “Welcome to Victory Heights” sign
      • Paid musicians and performers at events
      • And your great ideas!

Volunteer on a Committee

In 2021, the Council established numerous Committees to help address the priorities of its residents. Offer as much volunteer time as you would like, and roles include everything from physical labor to event management, coordination to graphic design, copywriting to art! Email the Council if any of these Committees are of interest to you:

      • Health and Safety: Explore ways to calm local traffic, gather and share crime statistics and prevention tips, recruit safety presenters and programs, and community City programs like Find It Fix It and how to temporarily close down streets.
      • Beautification and Physical Improvements: Bring art to Victory Heights, work to improve our playground and pre-school, and share property upkeep tips with neighbors.
      • Social Events: Help plan and execute an annual calendar of events, and facilitate community connections through our Interest Groups!
      • Communications: Assist in the Council’s various forms of communications, including the Community Message Board, email, MailChimp, Facebook, Blog, NextDoor, meetings, flyers and posters, and more!
      • Fundraising: Help facilitate a program to encourage resident donations and the transparent communication of the Council’s financial needs, fundraising progress, allocation of raised funds, and acknowledging donors.
      • Conservation: Team up with the Thornton Creek Alliance and the Green Seattle Partnership to help residents discover ways to conserve our Kingfisher Natural Area, along with tips and programs to help protect the environment on their own properties.
      • Ambassadors: Generate regional goodwill and insight by attending neighboring community council and non-profit meetings, sharing information between those organizations and Victory Heights. Collaborate with the Fundraising and Social Event committees to build strong relationships with local businesses and organizations, and help welcome new neighbors to our community!

Volunteer At-Large: Your volunteerism doesn’t need to be official! We’re always looking for volunteers on an ad hoc basis to pitch in with neighborhood clean-ups, invasive species removals, event staff, flyering, research, and more! Pitch in where your passion takes you!

Join the Council

As outlined in the By-Laws, the four Council officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) will be elected every two years by the community. Explore the duties of these roles in the By-Laws section 5.2.b., and contact your Council to learn the current status of the officers’ terms.