Our purpose, as stated in the By-Laws, is “to provide [our residents] with a forum for community engagement in order to raise awareness of local and citywide planning activities, share ideas, raise issues, seek equitable solutions, and get to know each other.” We execute this purpose by facilitating a number of forums for our residents, including monthly gatherings, newsletters, Facebook and Nextdoor communities, and the Community Message Board located at the Victory Heights Playground. We also deliver our purpose through the regular planning and delivery of numerous social events and volunteer opportunities throughout our community, while elevating community concerns and opportunities to our representatives at City Hall and County government. 

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The earliest records of the Victory Heights Community Council pre-date the turn of the millennium. Early leadership included both Molly Burke and Brad Cummings, current VHCC Treasurer. Having gone dormant in the early 2000’s, excitement in the Council was rekindled as resident Susan Causin led local efforts in 2012 to establish a new roundabout on 23rd Ave. NE. 

The current VHCC first met on January 15, 2013, under the leadership of Ardith Lupton. Lupton was succeeded by Victor Hernandez, Ann Forrest for a five-year period ending in 2020, and Ben Cober.